GNBD Smoke Project 4k Review

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GNBD Smoke Project 4k Review

GNBD Smoke Project 4k is a set of 260+ TIFF 4k images with various smoke effects. It doesn’t include enough stills to be used as an animation sequence, but it’s fun to select the various smoke effects over time, since it includes a few frames for each effect.

First of all, the smoke effects look awesome. When loading into Photoshop, you get to use a few tricks to isolate the alpha layer, and include it as a mask, since Photoshop doesn’t load TIFF alpha transparency masks automatically as it does with PNG. That is a small drawback of this package, since it takes a little time to do for each of the frames you want to use.

In a video editing software such as Movie Studio Platinum 13, the TIFF images work properly with their alpha channel and can be used directly. In the video, I’m showing a few ways of using these both in Photoshop CC, as well as Movie Studio Platinum 13.

Overall, I like this package, the effects are nice, but I’d love to see at least a PNG version and maybe even a smaller resolution, since smoke effects don’t require that much resolution to begin with.

You can grab the package over at DAZ here.

Enjoy your art!


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