A Revolution In Female Posing – Pose Architect for DAZ Studio – Review

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A Revolution In Female Posing – Pose Architect for DAZ Studio – Review

From time to time, there comes an add-on that is so incredible, that it literally changes how you work with your 3D art and Genesis 8 female characters. Pose Architect for DAZ Studio by 3D Universe is such an add-on. In the video below, I’m taking it for a quick spin, and showcasing just how incredible it is:

Instead of choosing pre-made poses, it lets you use a bunch of sliders controlling various body parts, such as legs, arms, fingers, mid-section and so forth and even complete poses, with pre-animated poses that shift the female character into a final pose, by gently shifting the entire body and with that, the body weight and balance. It’s like playing with a bunch of animation clips, that let you ADD to your current pose instead of switching to it.

Words cannot describe just how cool this is, how realistic poses you can create with this, and how much fun it is to mix and match various sliders. During my time with the pose-package, I couldn’t just find a single negative thing about it. Well, if you’re really mixing lots of motions back and forth, you will eventually get some colliding limbs and poke-throughs, but this is really expected since it’s not a dynamic body with collision calculations.

Another issue that you will likely experience, is when using the package with figures other than the standard Genesis 8 female, you will experience the limbs colliding and bumping into each other more often rather than not since other characters body types will differ. Of course, this is manually fixable. Pose Architect lets you also map the pose settings into a real pose that you can save as a preset. Talk about usable!

Oh, wait, I actually found a negative side of this all… Its actual presentation on the product page. It’s by FAR more potent and INCREDIBLE than the text or short video explains. And I think that’s a pity since, in my opinion, this is a REVOLUTION in how 3D female models are posed and adjusted.

Go get this at DAZ HERE.

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P.S. Go get this at DAZ HERE

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