Real 3D Scanned People In DAZ Studio Outclass Genesis 8?

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Real 3D Scanned People In DAZ Studio Outclass Genesis 8?

AXYZ-Design specializes in scanning real-life people using a 3D scanning technology and turning them into low poly 3D models, perfect for quickly populating your scenes with lifelike people. In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to load the OBJ version of a beach 3D girl, and how to make her look her best using DAZ Studio Iray, sitting on the beach:

The AXYZ-Design 3D people come in many versions, some are fully rigged for animation, compatible with AXYZ-Design own crowd-motion software called Anima, as well as 3D Max Studio and other high-end 3D applications. The low-resolution still-models can be imported into DAZ Studio. They look great as mid-distance and far-distance models, but quickly lose details at close range, especially the hair, which looks like a thick mass instead of hair strands.

There are some other downsides as you will see in the video, and I’m also showcasing how to go around those, including the part that a single models loads as 5 models, with different clothing color options, sitting / standing next to each other. Textures are 4k and look great, including diffuse, specular and normal maps, and each model comes with various clothing color options, but with just a single surface, it’s kind of limited when adjusting the materials.

The good is that these 3D scanned models look amazing at a distance, render quickly and take up very little memory. They come pre-posed and pre-clothed in several moods and categories, with already done hair and make-up and you spend 19 Euro per model. Since everything is done, besides a few surface tweaks, it’s a good deal that can save you lots of time. The bad is just that, they are pre-made, and offer very little control. Therefore, the AXYZ-Design 3D scanned people are best suited for background people, especially when you need to add more of them without over-saturating your system and memory.

So, while offering lots of pros, and in some cases outperforming the industry-leading 3D Character Genesis 8 platform developed by DAZ 3D, they do not really replace them in any way but are a great tool for artists looking for variety and options.

Visit AXYZ-Design HERE.

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P.S. Visit AXYZ-Design HERE.

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