Super Fast Animation – Movie Maker Iray for DAZ Studio – Demo

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3D Animation is very resource-hungry since you’re rendering 25-30 frames per second, not just a single image. Therefore, saving rendering time is a must. Coming soon to DAZ Studio is an updated version of my “old” Movie Maker series, which I originally created for the 3Delight render engine.

This version features a lot larger sets, and is obviously optimized for DAZ Studio Iray, gives you incredibly fast rendering and camera matching in a virtual set, with multiple 360 degrees 10k HDRI maps.

Since there is no “2-Million” polygon prop cluttering your memory, and most of the scene is already pre-rendered at high quality, you’re saving tons of rendering time. Watch the demo video, where you’ll discover just how fast it is, even when using the CPU.

The Metropolis set features 50 HDRI maps (10k), with matching camera angles, so it behaves like a real virtual set. There are currently 3 versions coming, Day, Overcast and Sunset.

Coming to my Dreamlight DAZ store soon! 🙂

As always, thanks for watching, I appreciate you a lot and please share with your friends, it really helps! 🙂


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