Steampunk Vents – Review – DAZ Studio 3D Model

Steampunk Vents Review DAZ Studio 3D Model
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Even since Myst and Riven took the gaming world by storm, I’ve been a big sucker of the genre. Phantasmagorical¬†Scenes Steampunk Vents for DAZ Studio is a cool 3D model, that has some great potential, but I feel it’s a little rushed. Some textures are a little low quality here and there, and some places have quite a mismatch of UV-mapping. Simple low poly model, with individual parts that can be loaded separately. Several camera presets and light presets for DAZ Studio 3Delight, but none for Iray, which is a pity.

Overall, an ok prop that can look cool with the right lighting, but that has some texturing errors. In the above render, I replaced some of the textures,¬†added extra bump to the wall, plus I’ve spent some time creating a light set that makes the scene POP. So, it’s possible to make it look great, but it takes some effort.

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If you want to take a closer look at this prop over at DAZ, here’s the link

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