Wet FX Decal & Shader Kit – Review – DAZ Studio

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Wet FX Decal & Shader Kit – Review – DAZ Studio

Some like it wet!

Seriously, they do, and that’s when amazing artists like KindredArts are welcome. This artists latest creation is a set of shaders for DAZ Studio Iray that give outstanding control of placement and look and feel on virtually any surface.

You can add milk effects, splatter effects, alien stuff and even foam and you can also control the size of each effect and carefully place it to your liking. You can also add multiple effects to the same object / character.

TheĀ Wet FX Decal & Shader Kit is easy to use once you get how it works, but the lack of documentation can create a little headache at first. It took me some good 20 minutes to figure out how it works. An additional video or even just a text document would be helpful.

In the video, I explain how it works, and also, how you can tweak it beyond the included icons.

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/ Val

Images on this page courtesy DAZ 3D.

4 Replies to “Wet FX Decal & Shader Kit – Review – DAZ Studio

  1. Wow !!! Val Great Video as always, I got it and I have no idea how to use it correctly, until now, Thanks !!! Keep your tutorial videos on !!

  2. Awesome. Thanks for doing this review. I bought it a while back. It was hard to figure out at first. I posted on the Daz Forums in a thread that discussed one of KA other decals. KA responded with some documentation and also a tutorial on how to make your own decals. Very interesting.

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