dForce Magnet – DAZ Studio – Review

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dForce Magnet – DAZ Studio – Review

The amazing dForce revolutionized DAZ Studio’s dynamic clothing. The former plugin did not even work half as good as good as dForce does. And now, RiverSoft Art and Esha just launched a dForce Magnet script for DAZ Studio, that lets artists grab on to a piece of fabric or hair, and simply drag it or hold on to it. Imagine a girl holding up her skirt while walking up the stairs, or playing with a few hair-strands.

The possibilities are endless, and in today’s video I take this new cool script for a spin, and showcase a magnet lifting up a piece of cloth from the floor, as well as a magnet holding up a skirt.

It works amazingly well, but as with all more advanced script or plugins, there is a little learning curve. There are a few tools you need to use to make this work, you need to pay attention to how the magnets pull the dynamic objects and avoid any collisions or path interactions. This is also explained in the included PDF and video.

In my opinion, this is an essential add-on, so if you’re using dForce for DAZ Studio, I highly recommend you grab this script. You can check it out at DAZ HERE.

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P.S. Check out dForce Magnets for DAZ Studio at DAZ HERE.

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