Mesa Desert – DAZ Studio 3D Model – Review

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Mesa Desert – DAZ Studio 3D Model – Review

Aako keeps on improving and in the latest release, the Mesa Desert 3D Model for DAZ Studio impresses. It’s a huge 360-degree desert landscape with distant mountain formations. It comes with 2 HDRI maps, with rotation icons, pebbles mixed with sand or just sand in the center, as well as various presets for dust haze and distant haze:

The package comes ready to render off the bat, renders quickly and looks simply amazing. In my opinion, this is a MUST have for all your desert, sci-fi, fantasy or “Mad Max” style renders. Something to think about when designing your images using the Mesa Desert is that while the center has enough quality for very close camera encounters, the area off center quickly becomes low rez when the camera is too close.

It’s a little unclear what needs to be selected prior to adjusting all its settings, and an INFO icon or some additional info objects in the scene would be helpful. Other than that, congrats Aako for an amazing product!

Check it out at DAZ HERE.

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P.S. Check it out at DAZ HERE.

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I also bought Mesa Desert and was extremely impressed with the realism and quality of this scene. The ground plane is absolutely massive. The entire landscape as far as scale to a human figure is concerned is vast and just feels like a real place. The camera can be turned 360 degrees in any direction and you have a great shot. Just astounding, it truly is.

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